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Derive Public Key

The Flow CLI provides a command to derive Public Key from a Private Key.

flow keys derive <private key>

Example Usage

Derive Public Key from a Private Key

> flow keys derive c778170793026a9a7a3815dabed68ded445bde7f40a8c66889908197412be89f

Example response

> flow keys generate
🔴️ Store Private Key safely and don't share with anyone!
Private Key c778170793026a9a7a3815dabed68ded445bde7f40a8c66889908197412be89f
Public Key 584245c57e5316d6606c53b1ce46dae29f5c9bd26e9e8...aaa5091b2eebcb2ac71c75cf70842878878a2d650f7


Private Key

  • Name: private key
  • Valid inputs: valid private key content


Signature Algorithm

  • Flag: --sig-algo
  • Valid inputs: "ECDSA_P256", "ECDSA_secp256k1"

Specify the ECDSA signature algorithm for the key pair.

Flow supports the secp256k1 and P-256 curves.


  • Flag: --filter
  • Short Flag: -x
  • Valid inputs: a case-sensitive name of the result property.

Specify any property name from the result you want to return as the only value.


  • Flag: --output
  • Short Flag: -o
  • Valid inputs: json, inline

Specify the format of the command results.


  • Flag: --save
  • Short Flag: -s
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.

Specify the filename where you want the result to be saved