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Get Block

The Flow CLI provides a command to fetch any block from the Flow network.

flow blocks get <block_id|latest|block_height>

Example Usage

flow blocks get 12884163 --host --include transactions

Example response

Block ID 2fb7571a6ccf02f3ac42f27c14ce0a4cb119060e4fbd7af36fd51894465e7002
Prent ID 1c5a6267ba9512e141e4e90630cb326cecfbf6113818487449efeb37fc98ca18
Timestamp 2021-03-19 17:46:15.973305066 +0000 UTC
Height 12884163
Status Sealed
Total Seals 2
Total Collections 8
Collection 0: 3e694588e789a72489667a36dd73104dea4579bcd400959d47aedccd7f930eeb
Transaction 0: acc2ae1ff6deb2f4d7663d24af6ab1baf797ec264fd76a745a30792f6882093b
Transaction 1: ae8bfbc85ce994899a3f942072bfd3455823b1f7652106ac102d161c17fcb55c
Transaction 2: 70c4d39d34e654173c5c2746e7bb3a6cdf1f5e6963538d62bad2156fc02ea1b2
Transaction 3: 2466237b5eafb469c01e2e5f929a05866de459df3bd768cde748e068c81c57bf
Collection 1: e93f2bd988d66288c7e1ad991dec227c6c74b8039a430e43896ad94cf8feccce
Transaction 0: 4d790300722b646e7ed3e2c52675430d7ccf2efd1d93f106b53bc348df601af6
Collection 2: c7d93b80ae55809b1328c686f6a8332e8e15083ab32f8b3105c4d910646f54bf
Transaction 0: 95c4efbb30f86029574d6acd7df04afe6108f6fd610d823dfd398c80cfa5e842
Collection 3: 1a4f563b48aaa38f3a7e867c89422e0bd84887de125e8f48ba147f4ee58ddf0d
Transaction 0: fbcc99326336d4dbb4cbc01a3b9b85cfcdcdc071b3d0e01ee88ecd144444600b
Collection 4: 01000c7773cc3c22cba6d8917a2486dc7a1a1842dd7fb7c0e87e63c22bb14abe
Transaction 0: a75097639b434044de0122d3a28620e093f277fa715001e80a035568e118c59f
Collection 5: 6f2b08f9673545a2e61e954feb8d55d2a3ef2b3cef7a8d2f8de527bc42d92c28
Transaction 0: 8ea63d397bd07a25db3f06fb9785dbf09bc652159f68a84c55ea2be606ada1e9
Collection 6: 13b5c48252930824a8c6e846470763582cacdacb772c1e9c584adefced6724b2
Transaction 0: 8ba57a92311367189a89a59bcb3c32192387fefca9bde493e087bc0d479186a8
Transaction 1: 8ab1d99702ccf31b6f4b3acd2580dddd440f08bc07acab4884337c0c593a8f69
Collection 7: bf90fdd2761b8f37565af60fc38165dd09edf0671fdd35b37f718a7eb45e804f
Transaction 0: b92a14c0802183719efed00363d31076d7e50f41a6207781cf34d39c822bbacb



  • Name: <block_id|latest|block_height>
  • Valid Input: Block ID, latest or block height

Specify the block to retrieve by block ID or block height.



  • Name: address
  • Valid Input: Flow account address

Flow account address (prefixed with 0x or not).



  • Flag: --events
  • Valid inputs: Valid event name

List events of this type for the block.


  • Flag: --include
  • Valid inputs: transactions

Include additional values in the response.


  • Flag: --signer
  • Valid inputs: the name of an account defined in the configuration (flow.json)

Specify the name of the account that will be used to sign the transaction.


  • Flag: --host
  • Valid inputs: an IP address or hostname.
  • Default: (Flow Emulator)

Specify the hostname of the Access API that will be used to execute the command. This flag overrides any host defined by the --network flag.

Network Key

  • Flag: --network-key
  • Valid inputs: A valid network public key of the host in hex string format

Specify the network public key of the Access API that will be used to create a secure GRPC client when executing the command.


  • Flag: --network
  • Short Flag: -n
  • Valid inputs: the name of a network defined in the configuration (flow.json)
  • Default: emulator

Specify which network you want the command to use for execution.


  • Flag: --filter
  • Short Flag: -x
  • Valid inputs: a case-sensitive name of the result property.

Specify any property name from the result you want to return as the only value.


  • Flag: --output
  • Short Flag: -o
  • Valid inputs: json, inline

Specify the format of the command results.


  • Flag: --save
  • Short Flag: -s
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.

Specify the filename where you want the result to be saved


  • Flag: --log
  • Short Flag: -l
  • Valid inputs: none, error, debug
  • Default: info

Specify the log level. Control how much output you want to see during command execution.


  • Flag: --config-path
  • Short Flag: -f
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.
  • Default: flow.json

Specify the path to the flow.json configuration file. You can use the -f flag multiple times to merge several configuration files.

Version Check

  • Flag: --skip-version-check
  • Default: false

Skip version check during start up to speed up process for slow connections.