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Decode Public Keys

The Flow CLI provides a command to decode encoded public account keys.

flow keys decode <rlp|pem> <encoded public key>

Example Usage

Decode RLP Encoded Public Key

> flow keys decode rlp f847b84084d716c14b051ad6b001624f738f5d302636e6b07cc75e4530af7776a4368a2b586dbefc0564ee28384c2696f178cbed52e62811bcc9ecb59568c996d342db2402038203e8
Public Key 84d716c1...bcc9ecb59568c996d342db24
Signature algorithm ECDSA_P256
Hash algorithm SHA3_256
Weight 1000
Revoked false

Decode PEM Encoded Public Key From File

> flow keys decode pem --from-file key.pem
Public Key d479b3c...c4615360039a6660a366a95f
Signature algorithm ECDSA_P256
Hash algorithm UNKNOWN
Revoked false



  • Valid inputs: rlp, pem

First argument specifies a valid encoding of the public key provided.

Optional: Public Key

  • Name: encoded public key
  • Valid inputs: valid encoded key content

Optional second argument provides content of the encoded public key. If this argument is omitted the --from-file must be used instead.


From File

  • Flag: --from-file
  • Valid inputs: valid filepath

Provide file with the encoded public key.


  • Flag: --filter
  • Short Flag: -x
  • Valid inputs: a case-sensitive name of the result property.

Specify any property name from the result you want to return as the only value.


  • Flag: --output
  • Short Flag: -o
  • Valid inputs: json, inline

Specify the format of the command results.


  • Flag: --save
  • Short Flag: -s
  • Valid inputs: a path in the current filesystem.

Specify the filename where you want the result to be saved

Version Check

  • Flag: --skip-version-check
  • Default: false

Skip version check during start up to speed up process for slow connections.