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Create Emulator Snapshot

The Flow CLI provides a command to create emulator snapshots, which are points in blockchain history you can later jump to and reset the state to that moment. This can be useful for testing where you establish a begining state, run tests and after revert back to the initial state.

The command syntax is:

flow emulator snapshot create|load|list {name}

Example Usage

Create a new snapshot

Create a new emulator snapshot at the current block with a name of myInitialState.

> flow emulator snapshot create myInitialState

Load an existing snapshot

To jump to a previously created snapshot we use the load command in combination with the name.

> flow emulator snapshot load myInitialState

List all existing snapshots

To list all the existing snapshots we previously created and can load to we run the following command:

> flow emulator list

To learn more about using the Emulator, have a look at the README of the repository.


Emulator Flags

You can specify any emulator flags found here and they will be applied to the emulator service.


  • Flag: --config-path
  • Short Flag: -f
  • Valid inputs: valid filename

Specify a filename for the configuration files, you can provide multiple configuration files by using -f flag multiple times.

Version Check

  • Flag: --skip-version-check
  • Default: false

Skip version check during start up to speed up process for slow connections.