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Bootstrap Framework

Init Testing Environment

Bootstrap your testing environment with a single command:

npx flow-js-testing init

When you run this command in the terminal it will initiate npm package in your current directory and create package.json file. Then it will install dependencies. After the installation is finished, the utility will create the required config files for Babel, Jest and Flow CLI.

⚠️ Warning: This command will overwrite, jest.config.js and flow.json files in the folder, where it would be executed and also could affect your package.json file. That's why we advise you to use new empty folder to contain your Cadence related tests.

Generate New Test Suite

Create a test suite file for your project with all necessary imports and setup for describe blocks. You can start writing your asserts and expectations right away:

npx flow-js-testing make [name]


-c or --clearExclude comments from test suit code
-b or --base-pathSpecify base path to Cadence folder

If you do not specify name as second argument, the tool will give your file a unique name.