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Community Projects

Explore an array of exciting, grassroots initiatives, and projects that thrive within the Flow Blockchain community, each contributing to the platform's growth and innovation.

A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers where you can interact with others in the Flow community

A Flow enabled proof of attendance platform with over 2.2 million FLOATs claimed and 4600+ events created

Learn how to deploy your first Flow smart contract using Cadence and build a web3 React app to connect it together

Flovatar is a next generation NFT creativity platform where people can become creator and make their characters with any combination they like.

Flowty is a one-stop shop for all of your NFT needs on the Flow blockchain. From buying and selling to NFT-backed loans to NFT rentals, we have you covered.

Flowser combines all the tools for local development and gives you a clear UI to inspect the local Flow network.

Overflow is a Go-based DSL for testing and running interactive stories

React hooks to interact with Flow blockchain, making development easy and intuitive. It's wagmi for Flow!