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Store, manage, and interact securely with Flow tokens and digital assets on the Flow blockchain network. Discover a range of wallets that offer convenient ways to handle and safeguard your cryptocurrency holdings, ensuring easy access and enhanced security for your transactions and assets.


Magic is a developer SDK that integrates with your application to enable passwordless Web3 onboarding (no seed phrases) and authentication using magic links (similar to Slack and Medium).


Niftory is a platform to create, mint, and transfer NFTs.


Manage your crypto, dApps, and NFTs all in one place with Blocto, the cross-chain crypto wallet.

Dapper Wallet

Dapper Wallet makes it easy and secure to buy, store, and manage digital assets from innovative Flow apps and games.


Ledger is a hardware wallet to secure, buy, exchange, and grow your crypto assets.


NuFi is Flow's only non-custodial wallet with staking, NFT gallery, dApp connector, and Ledger HW support.


Lilico is the first extension wallet on Flow.


Safely store and stake your Flow tokens with Finoa.