FUSD Providers

Where to get the FUSD stablecoin on Flow



BloctoSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Flow, provides FUSD-FLOW and FUSD-tUSDT trading pairs. You can exchange tUSDT or FLOW for FUSD, and vice versa, FUSD can be exchanged for tUSDT or FLOW.

tUSDT is an intermediate token used by BloctoSwap to facilitate USDT (Tether) trading. For more information on BloctoSwap and tUSDT, please read the BloctoSwap FAQ.


Ramp provides an FUSD payment widget that can be embedded directly into your application, allowing your users to purchase FUSD with a variety of payment options including credit card.

Users will need an FUSD-enabled wallet to purchase FUSD through Ramp.


Blocto Swap

FUSD is available on Testnet through the Blocto Swap decentralized exchange (DEX).

You can exchange Testnet FLOW for Testnet FUSD using a Blocto wallet. If you don't have a Blocto wallet on Testnet, you can create one directly from the Blocto Swap app.

Once the FUSD is in your Blocto wallet, you can transfer to any Testnet address that has an FUSD receiver.