FLOW for Backers

How to claim FLOW tokens

Please follow the process outlined below if you would like to:

  • Claim tokens purchased in a previous sale
  • Purchase or hold FLOW in the future

Step 1: Choose a Custody Provider

Choose a custody provider who currently supports Flow:

  • Finoa
  • Kraken
  • Ledger, or
  • Create your own Flow account by going to Flow Port and selecting the Create Account transaction option. You will only be able to use this option if you currently hold an account on the network with the ability to pay for the account creation fees.

Step 2: Create an Account

Your chosen custody provider will give you an option to create a Flow address. Account addresses for managing funds and signing transactions are created as follows:

  1. The custodian (or user) generates a cryptographic key-pair consisting of a public and private key.
  2. The public key is then inserted into an account creation Cadence transaction. This transaction will execute code that creates a new account that can only be accessed by the accompanying private key (generated in step 1).
  3. This transaction is submitted to a Flow Access API, which broadcasts it to the rest of the network.
  4. Once the transaction is executed and verified, the Access API notifies the custodian of the account creation event, including the newly-generated account address.

Once the account creation transaction has been executed and the result sealed, the user can use their private key to authorize transactions through their account (generally this is done through a wallet provider).

The exact steps to complete this may vary between custody providers, but it will always require a thorough KYC process.

You are done this step when you receive your Flow address.

It should look like something like: 0x7e60df042a9c0868

You can read more about address generation in the accounts & keys documentation.

Step 3: Claim Your Tokens

Once your Flow address has been created, please submit it via the token claim form (coming soon). The form also asks for some additional information so that we can securely verify your details prior to delivering your tokens.

Please note, we will require a phone confirmation in order to initiate the deposit.

You will be able to check your FLOW balance at any time on Flow Port.


Need a hand? Please don't hesitate to contact our team at hello@onflow.org.