Mainnet Account Setup Guidelines

In order to deploy your smart contracts to the mainnet, you need to register, fund, and setup a new account.

Note: This account will be used for production purposes. Make sure you handle keys appropriately. Using a Key Management Service is the best practice. By default, this command generates an ECDSA key pair on the P-256 curve. Keep in mind the CLI is intended for development purposes only and is not recommended for production use. Handling keys using a Key Management Service is the best practice.

Create an account

You can easily create a new funded account on mainnet using the Flow CLI. You only need to run a single command flow accounts create and select a name for the account and the network, which in this case is mainnet. After that the account private key is saved into a seperate file called {name}.pkey. We advice switching to KMS system for production use which you can read more about here.

flow accounts create
Enter an account name: mike
βœ” Testnet
πŸŽ‰ New account created with address 0x77e6ae4c8c2f1dd6 and name mike on Testnet network.
Here’s a summary of all the actions that were taken:
- Added the new account to flow.json.
- Saved the private key to mike.pkey.
- Added mike.pkey to .gitignore.

Read more about the command in the CLI account creation documentation.