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Faucets are tools that provide free tokens for use on test networks. They are essential for developers to test and deploy smart contracts without using real assets. Below is the information on accessing FlowEVM faucets for different networks.

Testnet (FlowEVM Support Coming Soon)

FlowEVM supports developers with a testnet faucet, facilitating the testing and development of smart contracts in a risk-free environment. Access the testnet faucet at: FlowEVM Testnet Faucet

Crescendo Network

The Crescendo network, part of the Flow ecosystem, also offers a faucet for developers. Access the Crescendo faucet at: Crescendo Network Faucet


FlowEVM does not have a faucet for mainnet. You can get FLOW token through an exchange or receiving FLOW from a 3rd party or receiving FLOW token as staking rewards. Learn more here.