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Get Started with Account Linking

There are two sides to Hybrid Custody support - delegation and usage.

On the delegation side, we have the apps that leverage Hybrid Custody for enhanced UX. This side primarily concerns itself with walletless onboarding + account linking (IOW account delegation). You can think of a Hybrid Custody game client or project-specific NFT app.

From the usage perspective, apps would want to get information about a user's linked accounts to display accounts & assets, enable account & asset management, and even facilitate cross account interactions - think of this from the perspective of a wallet or NFT marketplace.


Note that the documentation on Hybrid Custody covers the current state and will likely differ from the final implementation. Builders should be aware that breaking changes may follow before reaching a final consensus on implementation. Interested in shaping the conversation? Join in!

In either case, you'll want to do the following to get started implementing Hybrid Custody in your application:

  1. Install Flow CLI
  2. Copy the contents of restricted-child-account into your project (CLI scaffold to follow shortly!)
  3. Start building!